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Live a pH
balanced life

No "dis-ease" can live in a slightly alkaline environment. 

Our goal is to maintain an optimal pH level of 7.35

You deserve  the BEST HEALTH!


Did you know the pH balance of your body tells the whole story about your health? It's like a cascading effect. When your pH is off, your gut health is off and disease can thrive in an acidic environment.  I'm here to teach you how to measure, balance and maintain your PERFECT pH levels in all areas of your life. Let me help you live a pH Balanced Lifestyle!



Caron Barr

As a nurse, I drove myself right into adrenal exhaustion. Traditional medicine didn't help. I learned there was a lot more to health, and as complex as it can be - there was one simple principle that I found, which literally nursed me back to my own best health.


Food literally is medicine! Learn about the benefits of live foods, an alkaline diet, and supporting your body with the right supplements. Receive helpful nutritional guidance. 

Learn how to quickly reduce joint pain, regulate blood sugar, and balance  hormones and thyroid issues. When you correct the pH balance of the body, it automatically reduces inflammation

A balanced, clutter-free mind reduces toxic emotions. Quickly dissolve stress with Transformational Breath work and mindful meditation.

From beauty products to kitchen cleaners, learn about the benefits of chemical and toxic free alternatives. Create a safe haven for your family.

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The Nurse's Corner

Caron Barr offers an extraordinary service that affords us a rare glimpse into the deficiencies that cause dysfunction in our body and life. She is truly a talented and very professional individual whose years of experience and knowledge shine through with each session I've had. I've refereed many of my clients, firnds and family to her without any hesitation. Thank you Caron.

Deonna T.              Sept. 30, 2018



Devin Hume shares his recovery story  with psoriasis, a skin disorder that causes skin cells to multiply up to 10 times faster than normal. This makes skin build up into bumpy red patches covered with white scales. This is an abbreviated account of his experience. Nurse Caron was a part of his recovery process.


"Background: My father, sister and aunt have psoriasis. I grew up thinking that psoriasis was normal because I saw it everyday on my father. He had/has large plaques on his elbows, knees and etc. I didn’t have psoriasis until April 2019. Around then I noticed a small patch beginning to take form on my big toe, then my knee, followed by my elbow and it spread and grew slowly for about a year before I began to address it. 

My dad showed pictures of me to a woman named Caron Barr in Florida. She is a nurse that specializes in fungus and blood work. Upon looking at pictures of me, Caron had no doubt I was dealing with some sort of candida out break as the underlying cause for this psoriasis flare. So, my next move was for Caron to look at my blood under a microscope and see what was happening at a cellular level. I knew I had to leave the house I was living in, as the mold was in fact THE MAJOR factor in my situation and was literally killing me, my liver was shutting down. And because of that, If I had taken the methotrexate, I would have died. The blind confidence the doctors had and their advice could have and likely would have killed me, which is why I’m am so bitter with these drug peddling doctors. Make no mistake, I appreciate doctors, but there needs to be a major overhaul with our medical system and how they incentivized to push drugs on people is sickening.

Now I’m in Florida, at Caron’s, looking at my blood at a microscopic level. She finds MOLD, Candida and parasites in my blood in dangerously high levels. Caron suggests I stop all my supplements and herbs that I’ve been taking, by the way the psoriasis is now taken over 95% of my body and suggest I start The Body Ecology Diet a book by Donna Gates.


BEFORE                                    AFTER

In less than a year, Devin Hume's body was 90 percent covered in psoriasis. In less than three months his body was completely clear.

This is a ZERO sugar diet primarily. Let me say that again, ZERO SUGAR. I was told candida can survive on a single grape! So NO FRUIT, NO SUGAR, NO BREAD, NO DAIRY. This diet would be the base for my recovery and Caron expected me to heal in 6-8 months if everything went perfect. Her confidence, gave me confidence and I was so relived to know the root cause of my situation. Some good new came from my blood results though, it seemed in all the work I had done leading up to this point was not vain, despite how I looked, my leaky gut was healed. The Pagano method worked to help heal my gut! That said there was still work to be done. And as Caron told me on our first meeting, “ You have to go through it, to get past it.”


Are you ready to get HEALTHY?

Healthy Green Smoothies

The TOTAL Body Transformation Program

If you are ready to make YOU a priority then this 21 Day Total Body Transformation program is a HEALTH GAME CHANGER! Take the first step to better health with Nurse Caron!


1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching

It's time for an internal and physical shift. I'm here to help you do just that. Are you ready to feel better and life a vibrant, healthy life?

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