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The 21 Day Total Body Transformation Program emphasizes the importance of body pH. pH balance is our first and best line of defense against sickness and disease and to increase health and vitality. It is a critical factor in overall health including maintaining a healthy digestive system, glowing skin and strong immune system.



When the body is acidic, minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, are taken from your bones and organs to help neutralize the acid and remove it from your body, causing mineral deficiencies and weakening all systems.



Together we will identify food and beverages that raise our acide levels and other alternatives and substitutes.


Our goal is to get your body more alkaline to allow your body to fight free radicals, inflammation, and disease.



During this program, you will be measuring your body's pH level and tracking your progress in your daily journal.

21 Day Total Body Transformation Program

  • Nurse Caron's 21 Day Total Body Transformation Program includes:


    • 1on1 Virtual Consultation with Nurse Caron
    • 40+ recipes
    • pH guide
    • Toxic Load Assessment 
    • Shopping Lists
    • Tips & Hacks
    • Meal Plan Guides
    • Daily Journal 
    • & MORE!
  • Nurse Caron's 21 Day Total Body Transformation Program is a digital PDF - easily accessible on any device.


    When you purchase the program I will immediately email you a PDF of my 21 Day Total Body Transformation Program, which you can download to any device - phone, tablet or computer.


    This makes it easy for you to take screenshots of pages like the Shopping Lists or Recipes for you to easily reference before going to the market.

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